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Tattoo JoJo

 Artist & Entrepreneur 

Skilled Tattoo Artist. Developer and creator of Feel the Feels streetwear apparel, accessories, and art. Graduated from Independence University and received an associate degree in Graphic Design. Designed this website herself.

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 Portrait Drawings - Digital Art - Illustrations 

Welcome to a realm where art and spirituality intertwine. Tattoo JoJo is an artist who finds joy in creating memorial and spiritual portraits that transcend the ordinary. Her work is a surreal exploration of dimensions unseen, a journey into a psychedelic and paranormal world that creates illusions and brings people closer to their spiritual and healing side of awareness. Portraits, realism, intense detail, and memorial pieces are her thing! 

Tattoo JoJo's art is not just about creating images, it’s about awakening minds and bringing feeling and connection to your soul through her art. Each ink splatter she makes, each line she draws, is an invitation to view the world from a different perspective through her lens. She believes that art has the power to open doors to other realms, and through her work, she hopes to guide you on a journey of self-discovery and spiritual awakening, creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Her favorite subjects are as diverse as the world around us. From the human form to the natural landscape, from beloved pets to the unnoticed details of street art, Tattoo JoJo finds inspiration everywhere. She has an odd weird love for macro zoom photography and art, where she captures the beauty of random findings in stunning detail using a microscope. Tattoo JoJo also enjoys pyrography (wood burning) and even does custom wood-burning art pieces for those who request her work.

Whether you’re looking for a unique portrait of a loved one or a sweet pet, Tattoo JoJo is here to bring your vision to life. Welcome to Tattoo JoJo's world of art, where the spiritual meets the surreal and the creative mind has no limits.