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About Us.

Tattoo JoJo & Studio

We were established & did our first in-studio tattoo on January 1st, 2020, at 65 West 112th Ave. Crown Point, IN. That was a day to celebrate & one we will never forget. We were so excited that we had to frame & hang our 1st dollar within our tattoo studio. That 1st tattoo was a black & gray White-Tailed Buck. Opening Tattoo JoJo & Studio has probably been one of the biggest decisions & proudest moments we have ever made together. Tattoo JoJo & Studio is everything to us.


We are currently accepting walk-ins. Our tattoo artist Bones will be the one to help you with your walk-in tattoo if he is available that day.  Small tattoos will only be accepted for a walk-in tattoo. Bigger tattoos will require a consultation. Tattoo JoJo is strictly appointment only! Walk-ins for merchandise, art, or aftercare is always welcome, so come in & see us!


Tattoo JoJo & Studio is also part of the LGBT community & believes in no labels. Race, ethnicity, religion, political, or spiritual beliefs do not matter to us. We only believe in treating everyone equally & making sure you are always comfortable & feel at home within our tattoo studio. Your experience to us matters & if you have an awesome soul then we genuinely love you!


Although it has not always been an easy ride making it to where we are in life, we have made it this far as a team, building empires together & creating this awesome life together. Each one of us works super hard each day trying to reach daily goals & fulfilling our souls with joy by doing what we absolutely love to do. We hope that you will see the love & passion that we have for our careers & art by the quality of the work that we put out. 


We strive for only high-quality & customer satisfaction. We want each one of you to have an awesome experience here at Tattoo JoJo & Studio and we hope it will be a memory you will never forget. We offer a clean, sterile, and chill environment. Free snacks & drinks, wi-fi, Netflix, Hulu, YouTube, and a mix of different music genres to enjoy while getting tatted at our tattoo studio.


As a bonus, we are always giving away free goodies. It is our way of showing love right back & saying thank you for supporting us in our journey to making dreams come true. We honestly could not do it without you.

With Love,

Tattoo JoJo (Tattoo Artist/ Owner)


Gem Femme (Tooth Gem Tech/ Owner)

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Positive Vibes


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Our BADASS team.

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Tattoo JoJo

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"My name is Joanna A.K.A. Tattoo JoJo. Art & music are two things I'm very passionate about in life. I found my love for drawing when I was a young child. Portraits are what sucked me in. I would draw portraits of celebrities & sell them to the little kids at school for like 50 cents to a dollar. I knew that if I could teach myself how to master portraits, then it would allow me to show off my attention to detail & my skills as an artist. Before I even knew what a Tattoo Artist was, my elementary teacher told me I was going to be a Tattoo Artist when I grew up. At the time 'I thought' I wanted to be a surgical technician or a singer... well, I still love to sing with all of my heart & soul, only I do it for my own pleasure & for fun! Seriously, I don't know where I would be at today in life if it weren't for music & art. Both have saved me from so much pain & suffering in this lifetime & has allowed me to express myself creatively through pictures & rhythms of beats & the feeling of vibrations within sound. I almost didn't follow my true passions due to society implanting it in my head that there was a high chance I could end up becoming a struggling artist. Age the age of 16 I invested in my first tattoo kit. My dumbass allowed FEAR of hurting people with the tattoo machine stop me from actually wanting to push out a lot of tattoos & so I would only tattoo people here & there whenever I was feelin' somewhat less like a p***y! I spent most of the years to come studying & learning everything I could about tattoos, sanitation, business, graphic design, web design, advertising/ marketing & I started teaching myself how to tattoo consistently towards the end of 2015 & I've been tattooing ever since. Recently I've been trying to focus on doing more of my own personal tattoo style. I love to do black & gray infused with color. Something about detail & being able to make smooth transitions really intrigues me & I'm always trying to master different techniques as a tattoo artist. Memorial tattoos allow for me to connect with my spiritual side & also brings me closer to the client in a more powerful way. To touch other souls through the creations of my hands really brings me happiness, peace, reason, purpose & answers to every question I've ever had in life. Oh & word of advice to everyone out there... No matter your age, you can always achieve anything, even if that means starting later in life. Don't let FEAR keep you from making all dreams possible." 

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Gem Femme

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"I am Kelly, some people call me Gem Femme! I have been in the mortgage industry for over the last 20 years, Although I love my career & have much success slanging mortgage loans, I feel that people should always continue to grow in their profession & continue to learn new things. I found a love for tooth gems at the Chicago Tattoo Conventions. I was going there once a year to just get my tooth gems. After some thought, Tattoo JoJo & I were thinking tooth gems would be a great addition of services to offer at Tattoo JoJo & Studio! While the creation of the studio was in high gear, I decided to take the course & get my Tooth Gem Certificate. That made me the first known Tooth Gem Tech to offer professional tooth gems in the Northwest of Indiana. I wanted for other people to have the chance to enjoy them as much as I do. There was nowhere to get them locally without having to do some serious traveling. That is when Gem Femme was created! Our gems are 100% Genuine Swarovski crystals of many different sizes & colors to choose from. Additionally, we can special order 14kt yellow or white gold gems. There are so many to choose from! You would have to see for yourself. I do provide 30-day warranties for gem replacements. If anything happens to your tooth gem in the first 30 days of initial application, I will replace the same gem on the same tooth for free! I will be offering a tooth gem course of my own that includes one instructional class (online or in person) that will include a complete kit to get you started. The class can take anywhere from two to three hours. I will offer in person classes at Tattoo JoJo & Studio on late Sunday afternoons. We would like to keep the max attendees per class to be no more than 4 people per session, that way we can keep your learning experience more personal & attentive. Once you complete the course, you will receive a Gem Femme Certificate of completion & the availability to purchase the supplies needed for your very own tooth gem business. These are the same dental grade materials that I use for the most effective tooth gem applications."

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"Art is my life! I’ve been an artist since I could hold a pencil in my hand. The world is one big art canvas, there is art in every part of our day, the music we listen to, the movies we see, the words in a book. Everything our eyes see, and our eyes see is art! I don’t really have an art style but if I had to name it, I'd say free flow, whatever moves my creativity inside. I do have styles that influence me, Graffiti/Street Art, Surrealism (Work by Dali) and comics. I enjoy walks in the woods, nature is an amazing way to get the creative juices flowing. Music.... I can’t say enough about music and rhythm! Reading is something I really enjoy doing, it opens up your mind and soul through words and art... I've been tattooing for many years on and off, I kind of ventured away from it for a while but I'm excited to be back at it!"

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"Hi! My name is Tina, but some people call me "Juanita". If I had to sum myself up in one word it would be "Caregiver" because it is what I do! I love to do art projects and pour paintings in my spare time. I LOVE coffee especially iced, and I have an addiction to anything Halloween or skulls! Animals are my weakness, and if I had it my way I'd take in every stray animal that I seen. My goal in life is for me and my family to be happy and healthy!" 

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