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Because we care.

Tooth gems were a big thing in the 90's & they are now coming back & trending. bigger than chic bags & sporty sandals! Celebrities & models, such as: Ariana Grande, Drake, Pink & Hailey Bieber are all smiling with some bling! They are tiny but they really do enhance & beautify your smile. Beauty Influencers & Vloggers are also having a lot of fun with them as well. No matter your title though, if you have a tooth gem, you WILL get tons of compliments... that's a FACT!

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The Procedure.

People ask all the time if it hurts. No, it absolutely doesn't. It's 100%PAINLESS! The procedure takes about 15minutes to complete & requires no drilling or holes. The tooth's enamel is prepped with an etching gel & done using a special dental bond.

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How long does it last & what's the cost?

If taken care of, your tooth gem can last anywhere from 2 months to 2 years. It's your responsibility once you leave the studio to make sure you are properly following all the aftercare instructions. Tooth gems are luxurious accessories & can be seen as high dollar. You can expect to pay anywhere from $65- $100+ for one Swarovski gem. Definitely worth every penny though!

Image by Sam Moqadam

Proper Care.

Do not touch or play with the crystal. Do not eat hard/crunchy foods for 24 hours after the crystal is placed. You CAN drink immediately. Do not brush for 6 hours or use an electric toothbrush. Continue to see your dentist for cleanings & exams regularly.

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Hot Tips.

If a tooth gem is swallowed, it will simply pass through the system in the normal way with no adverse effect. The proper removal procedure must be followed using dental floss in a downward motion, away from the gum line. Never try to remove the tooth gem with a sharp object or tool.

Tooth Gem Advice.

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Avoid stress or pressure applied to the gem due to chewy or crunchy foods, or excessive force while brushing your teeth which can result in the detachment of the jewel.

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