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Quickie Reservation Appointment

If you are needing a same-day tattoo, we can help you with that!

Our tattoo artist, Bones, enjoys doing 'quick banger' tattoos. The more freedom range you give him with his own style & creativity, the more badass your tattoo will turn out.


When booking a "Quickie Reservation", keep in mind that Bones will be creating an original custom piece based on 2 things:  1.) Reference photo that you submit to us & 2.) A brief tattoo description, so that Bones has an actual visual into the mind of what you're envisioning. Please be as descriptive as possible when it comes to the tattoo description you leave him. 

Before booking your "Quickie Reservation" appointment online, you AGREE to all of the following:

  • You are at least eighteen (18) years old & able to sign consent forms on your own without an adult present for your scheduled appointment

  • Your tattoo is 3x3 or smaller. If you are hoping for a bigger tattoo, understand that Bones can make that happen, however, you may be asked to book out for a different day, resulting in your same-day appointment turning into a regular consultation

  • You will get a total of 3 hours blocked for your tattoo session

  • Your tattoo must be black & gray or be minimal with color

  • Can book a same-day appointment, however, you must give us 3 hours in advance

  • You must complete all release forms online & have them signed & ready for your appointment

  • A $40 Deposit is REQUIRED & will be deducted from the total amount of your tattoo

  • All tattoo deposits are Non-Refundable & Non-Transferrable

  • If you arrive 30 minutes after your scheduled appointment & didn't give us a courtesy call letting us know you will be running late, your appointment will be voided out, or you will have to pay a $100 LATE FEE, while also losing out on your deposit with no opportunity for future booking appointments. 

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Are you ready to book?

Please fill out out the form below, submit all required signed documents & upload ID & Reference photo.

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