Tooth Gem Gone BAD!

“That’s cute”, “smile again”, and “OMG I want one” are just a few things I hear from clients whenever I hit them with a smile! Most of my teeth are blinged out with Swarovski gems & sparkle like crazy whenever the light hits them. A lot of people have never heard of them, and some forgot that they were a hit in the 90’s. I freakin love the 90’s, so probably why I felt the need to ice my teeth out! 😂


Tooth gems are actually becoming a big thing & trending hard around the globe. Celebrities and models, such as: Pink, Ariana Grande, Drake, and Hailey Bieber have all smiled with some bling! They are tiny, but they really do enhance and beautify your smile. Beauty Influencers and Vloggers are also having a lot of fun with them as well. No matter your title or occupation though, if you have a tooth gem, you WILL get tons of compliments… FACTS!

Well… maybe not so true if you don’t have the healthiest or prettiest teeth out there. Sorry, but if that’s you, then I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying to get a tooth gem. I know you’re thinking maybe a tooth gem will help fix that problem, but sadly it won’t, and we would have to kindly turn you away.

A lot of you reading this probably already knows that I own a tattoo studio with my partner Kelly A.K.A. Gem Femme. We first discovered tooth gems in 2018 at the Chicago’s Villian Arts Tattoo Convention, and it instantly caught our attention. It really grabbed Gem Femme’s interest more than mine, so she got her first tooth gem and gathered as much info as possible. That’s the day she fell in love with the beauty of tooth gems and started to learn more about them. I seen how much attention and compliments she was getting, and it caused me to want one too. However, I had to wait ‘til 2019, because NOBODY in the Northwest of Indiana did them, and I wasn’t driving far for them, especially with a busy schedule.


When we first opened Tattoo JoJo & Studio, we wanted to be different and bring tooth gems to our location. We actually became the first tattoo studio in the Northwest of Indiana to offer tooth gems. Now we are starting to see them pop up in other local shops, and hearing clients talk about how their friend bought a kit on AMAZON! That’s a total red flag, and if not done correctly, you can really damage or hurt the person getting it done.

You’re probably wondering why the hell we would advertise PAIN-FREE then?

Well, because it is, if done right! A lot of shops and Tooth Gem Technicians won’t tell you what exactly they are using on your tooth. Before a tooth gem can even be placed, the tooth has to be “primed” or “etched”. Usually that’s all they will tell you, because they are scared it will drive clients away if they use another word like “acid”! Yes, you heard correctly, a special orthophosphoric acid is used during the procedure, and YES it can

burn if it comes in contact with the skin!

Gem Femme and I learned all of this when we invested in getting professional training by an actual Dentist. I couldn’t believe the shit I was hearing and kind of freaked out a bit. I remember feeling confused and wondered why the hell a dentist would want to fuck up people’s teeth?! 😂 I even asked her that too! Truth is, the acid actually doesn’t damage the tooth. What it does is leave tiny microscopic pinholes on the tooth, so that the dental bond can give that tooth gem a nice stick. If you think about it, it's kind of like creating pores on a tooth so that the dental bond can sink in. Dentists use it all the time! The acid is made for teeth… not your skin or gums! So, if that shit comes out too quickly, or the client is trying to talk during the procedure, or whoever is doing your tooth gem isn’t paying attention, they can cause some serious burns! Before I gained the courage to get my first tooth gem, my next question was…

Will the tooth gem leave a stain or residue once it falls out?

Let me put it like this… IF you brush your teeth like you’re supposed to everyday, then no, you will not have to worry about stains. I’ve had a couple fall out on me after being in for so long, and never had an issue with stains or tooth damage. So, if you are someone who doesn’t like to brush their teeth and enjoys smelling like ass and hot breath all the time, then a tooth gem may not be for you. But I guess if you don’t mind walking around with a stank mouth, why would you care about a stain?! LOL I’m just saying though!

Your tooth gem should last anywhere from two months to two years. It really all depends on how well you take care of your teeth and your diet. If you’re eating excessive candy and drinking a shit ton of pop, chances are your tooth gem won’t last as long. You want to avoid stress or pressure applied to the gem due to chewy or crunchy foods, or excessive force while brushing your teeth which can result in the detachment of your jewel. Yes, I said brush your teeth 😂😂😂 but don’t scrub them ‘til your gums bleed! GEEZ!

So what happens to your tooth gem once it falls out???

Long story short, your shit sparkles! 💩💩💩 Unfortunately, I haven't been that lucky to experience that just yet! 😂 #goals

I’m writing this blog not to scare you away from tooth gems, but the intent to help guide you through the process of getting a tooth gem. ALWAYS do your research, don’t be afraid to ask questions, and make sure you are going to a Certified Tooth Gem Technician. Believe it or not, just because they are in a shop/studio, doesn't always mean they are Certified! Even though you’re not getting a tattoo or a piercing, always make sure to get proper aftercare instructions, and again, don't be afraid to ask for all certificates!

If you are still reading this and I haven’t put you to sleep, and are still interested in getting a tooth gem, I HIGHLY recommend coming into our studio and having Gem Femme service you. She’s very informative and genuinely cares about your teeth. If your still unsure or have questions, feel free to just drop in Tuesday-Saturday from 12-8pm. Gem Femme doesn’t mind answering all your questions, trust me, she’s a talker! However, she isn't always in the building, so you may want to try Facebook or Instagram first. I'll leave her social media info below so you all can contact her directly!

Facebook: gem.kellylove


Tattoo JoJo & Studio


65 W 112th Ave. Crown Point, IN

View more of her work HERE!

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