CoronaVirus Action Plan & Tips

Due to the coronavirus, your safety & our safety is our #1 priority. Although we already maintain a clean & sterile environment & clean with the strongest medical grade disinfectants, we are now taking EXTRA precautions.

Starting March 17th(Tuesday), everyone is to wear a face mask & make sure to keep their hands clean during their service. If you have face masks of your own, please bring them during your appointment, so we are able to save those for the ones that can’t find any or need one. One mask per person & sanitizer will be available for use.

If you are sick, or feel like you may be getting sick, please stay home & reschedule your appointment. You shouldn’t be getting tattooed sick anyways. Remember, we have a family to think about as well, and all it takes is ONE sick person to spread the virus. We normally only allow 2 reschedules before a fee is tacked on, but during this time with the coronavirus, we will not be hitting anyone with a fee for wanting to reschedule further out.

If you have recently traveled, please be honest & let us know. We will need you to self-quarantine for at least 14 days & reschedule your appointment for a later time.

Although we are a family-oriented tattoo studio, we will not be allowing children to come in. It’s sad that we have had to come to this decision, but even we aren’t letting our little one in the studio. We know that some of you all like to bring a support friend or family member to your appointment, but at this time everyone scheduled for an appointment must come alone.

We also WILL NOT be accepting walk-ins at this time, even for tooth gems. You will need to book your tattoo consultations & tooth gem appointments at

We know this will be a disappointment for some, but we appreciate your patience & understanding during this “crazy” time & apologize for any inconvenience. Choosing to cancel your appointment completely will be YOUR call, but remember deposits are non-refundable. We would hope to still have you.

We aren’t sure just yet how long this will go on for, but we will make sure to keep each one of you all updated. In the meantime, please stay safe & healthy & keep reading to learn about how to reduce your chances of being infected.

Reduce Risk of Infection

To reduce the risk of any type of illness, we have put together some Do’s & Don’ts for you all to follow. We hope you all will practice doing these, for the better of your health & our studio.

Get off your fresh tattoo!

Touching your fresh tattoo with your dirty hands is just gross… Don’t do it! Plus, when you do that & reach for another object or touch another person, now they have been exposed to your germs. You are also putting yourself at high risk for infection, so don’t blame the artist for your mistakes. We have to address this because even though it's common since you shouldn't be touching a fresh tattoo, we see it happen sometimes & have to make the client wash their hands before touching anything.

Wash your hands!

This is something we all should have been doing since elementary school. If you don’t practice this on a daily basis, you should be ashamed in yourself! Keep your hands clean & make sure to wash them after you use the restroom, or any time you feel they are dirty. You want to wash them for AT LEAST 20 seconds under soapy warm water.

Cover your cough or sneeze!

Whenever you cough or sneeze, please cover it with your arm sleeve or tissue. Dispose of tissue after each use & wash your hands.

Don't Touch!

Don’t touch your eyes, nose, or mouth with your dirty hands. We also don’t want your fluids all over us or our things. Respect each other’s health.

Clean & Disinfect!

Clean & disinfect objects throughout the day. This includes door knobs, tables, fridges, counters, sinks, and even your phones & remote controllers! Don't take any chances.

Practice Social Distancing!

If you can, stay home & avoid going out. Limit your social gatherings to at least 10 people. If you have the potential to work from home, you should definitely do so. Try to remain 6 feet away from people when your out searching for food or necessities. If you can, try shopping online. Shit, we all need a vacation, but PLEASE stop traveling! Why put yourself at high risk?

Lets defeat this together...

A lot of people out there aren't taking this coronavirus serious. I personally feel it's more serious than you think it is & if you don't stop what your doing & take precautions, you're only gonna make things worse for us. Lets work together & do what were suppose to be doing to defeat this hard time. As I've stated in the beginning, Tattoo JoJo & Studio is still taking appointments... However, with the amount of people wanting to reschedule, we may just end up temporarily closing until all of this has died down. Keep following us for updates!

Need to reschedule your appointment?

Please send us an email at

Ok with our rules & want to book an appointment?

Go to our website & fill out either the "Tattoo Consultation" form or "Tooth Gem" form.

The forms can be found here:

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