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Covid-19 Update

The start to 2020 was suppose to be a good year & one we will never forget. February we had our Grand Opening & the start of our new business was starting to take off when all of a sudden we got hit with the damn Coronavirus! Something we still wont forget. 

Hard times really hit us all, but we are thankful & glad to say "We Survived" & we pray you all did too.

We are now currently open by APPOINTMENT ONLY! This goes for both tattoo & tooth gem services. However, in order to remain open & to keep everyone safe, we also have some new studio rules that everyone will have to follow. They are very important, so please read through them before booking your next appointment. We would hate to turn you away or make you reschedule.

Navel Piercing

Piercing Info

We continuously get calls & emails asking if we do piercings & the answer to that question "right now" is no.

Yes, we have it blasted on our window because we do still plan to have piercings in the near future... it's a process that we are currently working on. We do however have everything we need to pierce, including insurance, equipment & jewelry... so just be ready!

If you are one of our V.I.P. clients & attended our Grand Opening & won a FREE Piercing, please be patient a little longer. If you're not good with patience, just shoot us an email & we will switch your voucher to either a FREE Tattoo or FREE Tooth Gem. We want to keep you happy!

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Booking Quick!

Since reopening we have been swamped with consultation requests, emails, messages, calls, etc. We appreciate everyone & their patience.

If you call the studio & we don't answer, chances are we are probably busy with another client or not in the studio. Please leave a voicemail so we can make sure to call you back.

If you're trying to book a consultation, which is a requirement, please fill out the short simple "tattoo" or "tooth gem" consultation form. This will give us a better understanding of what you're wanting & actually speed up the booking process. Trust us when we say it will get you in quicker. 

 Bookings are first come, first serve, with deposits to reserve your spot.